The Future Of Experiential Marketing On The High Street

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This is really a chance for retailers on the high street to shine – to become visitor destinations that offer a social experience which is fun and entertaining. Experiential marketing is more relevant now than ever, bringing brand personality to life and using sensory techniques to connect with people on an emotional level. Consumers want to know the full story before parting with their cash. Where does the product come from? What does the brand stand for?

The Apple store is a great example of physical retail that engages customers on an experiential level. There’s no central till point, but stores have roaming sales assistants, an interactive genius bar and an EasyPay self-checkout. It’s probably fair to say that the Apple Store has become, for many, the main destination in a shopping trip.

If you heard  this morning the former Marks & Spencer’s CEO is stepping down who stated they are currently doing over 1 billion in online sales with 65% of customers still coming to the store to pick up their items. The writing is on the wall consumers want a shopping experience and still love walking down the high street. The future of retail is all about the shopping experience. The stats and writing is on the wall!

Lexus Experiential Stand

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